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Judaica Spotlight

Saving an important story

Published: January 9 2015

NEH grant will make UF's Judaica Library more accessible. LEARN MORE

Propa Gator

Row, row, robo-boat

Published: January 2 2015

PropaGator, a student-built autonomous boat, can navigate without human guidance. WATCH THE VIDEO

The Dream Team. Student volunteers give hospitalized children joy and comfort.

The Dream Team

Published: December 23 2014

Student volunteers give hospitalized children joy and comfort. LEARN MORE

Cruz 500000th Degree

A half-million and counting

Published: December 20 2014

UF confers its 500,000th degree during fall commencement. LEARN MORE

Worlds Collide - Cedar Key

Worlds collide - in a good way

Published: December 10 2014

Art and biology students join forces at Seahorse Key Marine Lab to put their observation skills to the test. LEARN MORE


A landmark at risk

Published: December 3 2014

UF geologists say sea level rise now threatens Kennedy Space Center. LEARN MORE


Twenty years of Agbedidi

Published: November 17 2014

This student group celebrates the rhythms of West African dance and drums. LEARN MORE

New UF President Kent Fuchs

Cornell University provost Kent Fuchs named UF's next president

Published: November 17 2014


For the Gator Good

The Polcaro family's story

Published: November 17 2014

3.5 million people live in the path of deadly storms. Frank Polcaro and his family have rebuilt stronger to stand up to hurricanes. READ MORE.

A tale of two winners

Published: October 22 2014

UF physics professors take top international honors. LEARN MORE.

A better way to vote

Published: October 22 2014

New software helps people with disabilities make their voices heard at the polls. LEARN MORE

Admissions Spotlight

Want to be a Gator?

Published: October 22 2014

Nov. 1 application deadline is almost here. LEARN MORE.

Fab Lab

Fab Lab gives UF a true cutting edge

Published: October 2 2014

The A² Digital Fabrication Lab, commonly called the Fab Lab, makes real the seemingly impossible. WATCH THE VIDEO. READ THE STORY.

Trash to ash to roads

Trash to ash to roads, UF finds ways to recycle

Published: October 1 2014

Researchers explore the use of ash left from a waste-to-energy facility to build roads near Tampa. WATCH THE VIDEO.

UF Heavener Hall

New buildings pop up throughout campus

Published: September 16 2014

Seven major construction projects are underway this fall. WATCH THE VIDEO. READ THE STORY.

Sexual Assault Awareness

UF Student Government launches Sexual Assault Awareness Week

Published: September 8 2014

UF provides resources and options to help students "Be aware, be a Gator." WATCH THE VIDEO

I'm Ready UF


Published: August 15 2014

Are you? Gators look forward to a new year. WATCH THE VIDEO.

Robot therapy

Published: August 8 2014

Freshman engineering students recently demonstrated their soccer-playing robots to patients at UF Health Shands Children’s Hospital. WATCH THE VIDEO.

Graduate earns 4.0 GPA
despite challenges of cancer

Published: August 6 2014

A diagnosis of stage 4 Hodgkin lymphoma during his freshman year didn't keep Todd Blake from his goals. READ THE STORY.

Early dream comes true for Vietnam combat veteran

Published: August 4 2014

Vietnam veteran Jon Anderson, 68, will realize a goal he never expected to reach when he graduates this summer with his bachelor’s degree. WATCH THE VIDEO.

Babies in utero begin to respond to the rhythm of a nursery rhyme, showing evidence of learning by 34 weeks of pregnancy, and are capable of remembering a set rhyme until just prior to birth. WATCH THE VIDEO.

Learning in the womb?

Published: July 29 2014

Babies in utero begin to respond to the rhythm of a nursery rhyme, showing evidence of learning by 34 weeks of pregnancy, and are capable of remembering a set rhyme until just prior to birth. WATCH THE VIDEO.

Finance Professor Mark Flannery has been named chief economist for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Meet the new chief

Published: July 22 2014

Finance Professor Mark Flannery has been named chief economist for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. LEARN MORE

Aspiring journalists learn newest skills for media jobs

Published: July 21 2014

Aspiring journalists from high schools around the world came to the University of Florida this summer for a week-long immersion in the information industries. WATCH THE VIDEO, READ THE STORY.

Gatorade inventor Robert Cade

Gatorade inventor Robert Cade named to Inventors Hall of Fame

Published: July 10 2014

The late Robert Cade, the UF professor who invented Gatorade, has been named to the inaugural class of the Florida Inventors Hall of Fame. READ THE STORY.

UF International Piano Festival

Pianists come to UF to learn from the best

Published: June 26 2014

Pianists from around the world participate in an annual festival at the College of the Arts. WATCH THE VIDEO.

Spotlight Brazil Engineering

UF strengthens ties between Brazil, Florida

Published: June 23 2014

As Brazil hosts the World Cup, Florida and its flagship university maintain long established and strong ties to South America’s largest country.

Arts in medicine program featuring music in hosital ER. Shot in the Shands ER for a spotlight feature

Could music be medicine for emergency room patients?

Published: June 18 2014

Musicians are playing for patients in UF Health Shands Hospital emergency rooms to see if it has an impact on them and those who are helping them. WATCH THE VIDEO.


UF helps disabled veterans to become entrepreneurs

Published: May 23 2014

A program at the Warrington College of Business Administration is helping disabled veterans to become entrepreneurs. WATCH THE VIDEO.


All you wanted to know about bugs and more

Published: May 19 2014

Learn more about all the bugs you love and ones you hate during Bugweek@UF.

UF student mentors elementary student.

Mentoring program makes big impact

Published: May 13 2014

Alachua County elementary pupils benefit from mentoring program with UF students. WATCH THE VIDEO.

Leonid Moroz Genome Sequencing

Sea lab floats hope for drug discoveries

Published: April 28 2014

Until now, no one has done genome-scale sequencing aboard a ship at sea in real time. WATCH THE VIDEO.

From Croatia to UF, graduate finds her path

From Croatia to UF, graduate finds her path

Published: April 28 2014

Graduate Marija Magoc’s passion for construction management began when she saw her native country of Croatia start to rebuild after a civil war. WATCH THE VIDEO.

Graduates ready to build history of UF

Published: April 25 2014

Five graduates tell us how UF changed their lives. WATCH THE VIDEO.


Congratulations! Gymnastics team wins another NCAA title

Published: April 22 2014

UF ties with Oklahoma to win NCAA Championship trophy. READ STORY, WATCH THE VIDEO.

Students, faculty premiere opera written by alumna

Published: April 16 2014

During her years as a master’s of fine arts student at the University of Florida, Stella Sung never thought she would one day compose an opera.


First biomedical engineering students completing degrees

Published: April 21 2014

First biomedical engineering students completing degrees


UF/IFAS Extension marks century of service to Florida

Published: April 15 2014

Congress passed the Smith-Lever Act on May 8, 1914, creating the Cooperative Extension Service, which has conveyed agricultural-related scientific research from land-grant universities to the public.


Sid Homan marks 42 years as teacher, scholar, father figure

Published: April 9 2014

After 42 years at the University of Florida, English professor Sid Homan has no plans to retire.

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In a perfect world

In a perfect world

Published: November 17 2014

UF students get real-life experience at Disney’s Epcot greenhouses. LEARN MORE