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Exploring new ways of harnessing the earth’s ultimate life-sustaining force: the sun


Yogi Goswami

Professor of Mechanical Engineering
College of Engineering

In Yogi Goswami’s world, the future is very bright indeed. In fact, it’s downright solar. Goswami has devoted most of his professional career to exploring new ways of harnessing the earth’s ultimate life-sustaining force: the sun.

Goswami is the director of UF’s Solar Energy & Conversion Laboratory, where researchers explore different energy-creating methods and develop more efficient ways to produce it from the sun’s rays.

In 2001, he experimented with a system that created both electricity and refrigeration at the same time.

“We’ve seen that it works in theory, and we’ve set up this experimental system to prove that it works in practice,” he said.

The system would be ideal for homes that could easily take advantage of both the electricity and refrigeration.

But Goswami’s repetroire is much larger than that. For instance, he and his team have developed an air-cleaning system that is helping millions of asthma and allergy suffers across the world. And then there are the team’s projects involving hydrogen production and storage, fuel cells and — perhaps most notable for the developing nations — a solar desalination system to alleviate the possible future problem of a shortage of the earth’s drinking water.

Photo credit: Ray Carson — University Photography