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Published: June 24th, 2008

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Susan M. Medina

Susan M. Medina

Public Relations

Public relations senior Susan Medina is a self-proclaimed “people person.”

An obvious extrovert, Medina’s illustration of a “people person” extends beyond an outgoing personality and strong communication skills. Medina has an overwhelming interest in people’s lives, spanning from her mother, who overcame odds to be successful after emigrating from Peru, to the children Medina has helped in Nicaragua during summer service trips.

“I like the people interaction,” says Medina, who uses her bilingual skills in Spanish and English to volunteer with service work abroad, “and I think it’s so important to help people, whether it’s a child in a developing country who’s hungry, or freshmen at UF who don’t know where their classes are.”

Medina, of Mexico Beach, Fla., is the international trip co-director for Recurso, a service organization of students who help children suffering from malnutrition, cancer or AIDS in countries such as Zimbabwe, Peru, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Tanzania.

In addition to her work with Recurso, Medina is a member of the Public Relations Student Society of America, the Journalism and Communications Ambassadors and the Union of Puerto Rican Students. She also taught English as a second language to students as a member of the Hispanic Association for BiLingual Assistance.

Medina is slated to graduate this spring and plans to continue her involvement with service work abroad and spending time with family and friends. She would like to attend graduate school in the near future. “I think doing service abroad is something that everyone should experience,” Medina says. “I think that if you help people, that good will come back to you. It gives hope for the future, and you wish you could do so much more.”

Photo credit: Ray Carson — University Photography

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