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Published: June 24th, 2008

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Shaun Spalding

Shaun Spalding

Fine Arts

The way Shaun Spalding sees it, talent is just one component of greatness. The real secret, he said, is to try new things regularly and keep working at them.

“I’m not really that great at any one thing, but I have never been limited by my perceived lack of talent,” said the Bronx native who now calls Orlando home. “I am always willing to try.”

Spalding’s professors disagree that he lacks talent.

“He’s being coy,” said Ralf Remshardt, one of Spalding’s mentors and a professor of theater and dance who has taught Spalding in several courses, including a playwriting workshop.

Now in his third year as a film and media studies major, Spalding has already received some exciting attention. His one-act play “Because the Boss Said So,” was produced by both the Hippodrome State Theatre in Gainesville and the Horizon Theatre Company in Atlanta.

He’s also composing a musical as part of an independent study course, though he says he is at a standstill until he finds a serious piano player to help him with the more complex parts. Remshardt will take over the supervision of this study in the spring.

A self-proclaimed jack-of-all-trades, Spalding dabbles in Web site design, graphic art, writing, composing, acting, singing, directing and comedy. But he won’t be tied down by any particular label.

“I think the term ‘art’ is very loaded. It usually signifies something esoteric, pretentious or not entertaining. The label ‘comedian,’ implies expectations that really can’t be fulfilled by a lot of people. Right now I am trying my hand at a lot of things.” Spalding said.

Spalding is interested in the intersection between artistic technology and entertainment. He currently is working on a music video for his band, Inuit Jargon, that features the group dancing with a 3-D robot. Spalding animated the robot and choreographed the dance.

He hopes to study entertainment law at UF’s Levin College of Law, and he plans to continue producing films, regardless of whether he ever sees any money for them.

“I like spectacular stuff that will make people pay attention,” Spalding said, “regardless of content.”

Photo credit: Ray Carson — University Photography

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